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What awaits you in love? What is your love destiny? Reveal your love karma!

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The Love Angel Tarot app gives you access to centuries-old wisdom through tarot cards. The app gives you advice on your love life based on the tarot reading. It indicates whether you will experience genuine love in your relationship and who is the right person for you. The Love Angel Cards app has been designed to seamlessly integrate with your phone's natural capabilities. The app provides 21 different love spreads that are simple to use. There are 11 different ways to read a card, each with its own meaning. Features: - Cards are available in a deck of 32 gorgeous, hand-drawn cards - 21 love spreads for any scenarios - 11 free spreads, each with its own interpretation - Easy Navigation
For the first time - Love Angel Tarot - specially developed for your smartphone!

Benefit from the centuries-old wisdom that Tarot cards carry within, and find out more about your love life from the angels. Is this really the person for you, how will your relationship unfold, when will you meet love?

Evidence of the angels’ presence among us has existed for ages. These invisible and elevated spiritual beings have the mission to guide us delicately and render support in various situations, and what’s more important than love!

In their essence, angels are guardians and messengers, and one of their main tasks is to deliver the personal messages the Universe has for us! And the Universe doesn’t want to leave anyone wandering around in the labyrinths of love, without purpose and direction.

Features of the application:

- A deck of 32 beautiful designer cards, specially drawn for the Love Angel cards
- for maximum convenience, the app is fully in line with the functionality of your phone
- nice design and easy navigation
- 21 love spreads for any situation
- 11 free spreads
- individual and detailed interpretations of each card

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